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Gunnar had been the backup quarterback at Friends; catching a bug sidelined him a few times, but he otherwise played with no limitations.

“A play in their book was crazy numbers and words, literally like a whole sentence,” Gunnar says. The routes are even in the name of our play.” One play, for example, is called Spread Right Layers. Because of the school’s size (roughly 95 students per grade) only 22 players dressed for last Thursday’s game.Gunnar fell in love with the offense Colin Kaepernick was running with the 49ers. But he quickly realized that San Francisco’s read-option and blocking schemes might be too complex, so he scrolled back to Kaepernick’s college career.“I can’t tell you how many hours I spent watching You Tube videos of Nevada,” he says.He sometimes wears a surgical mask in the football team’s germ-infested locker room, and “I forget about everything he’s going through because he just seems so normal,” says Corey Goldglit, the starting quarterback at Friends.“Then he’ll have this big cough, or he’ll have to spit out phlegm, and it’s like, ‘Oh, right.’ ” A CF patient’s immune system is inherently weak, so even a common cold can cause major complications.

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