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Lee is blessed he receives good support from the BA of Malaysia and his sponsors.Plenty has been spent, especially in the hiring of Mike Morgan, who represented Lee during the hearing in Amsterdam earlier this month.

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As Hammam was slapped with a life ban from Fifa and quit all football related activities in December 2012, critics believe the report has served its purpose. Lee was slapped with the ban after he was found guilty of taking the banned substance dexamethasone.The Badminton World Federation Doping hearing panel, had in its extensive judgment, revealed on Monday: “Stressing ‘the responsibility to act without negligence is the personal obligation of the athlete’, the panel raised questions about Lee’s level of ‘anti-doping education/anti-doping security’, highlighting the athlete put himself at risk by ‘accepting cordyseps for about seven years from a private person without any knowledge or control regarding how the cordyceps have been treated and encapsulated’.”Lee, at a press conference on Monday, said he took the medicine from his parent.The BWF panel, in its full judgment, revealed Lee has been taking cordyceps since he was 13 “because his mother believed it was beneficial for his health”.Petro Jet Football Club founded 38 years ago in 1980.The home ground of Petrojet Suez is Suez Stadium Suez with a 27,000 capacity.'s ground for Egypt League 1 .

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