Updating garmin satnavs

Do you really need to update your sat nav map as regularly as manufacturers would like you to?They often come with a hefty price tag, but do Britain’s roads change enough to make the spend worthwhile?

If you’re buying a secondhand car built when GPS technology was a luxury option, then the chances are you’ll want more than a dog-eared road atlas.I never really worried about small changes to the road network. And don’t forget the time they take to download and install – it’s probably longer than the time you’ll take figuring out the correct route!If I came across an unexpected mini-roundabout or toll road, I figured out a way to get to my destination. On the other hand, Tom Tom claims ‘on average 15% of roads change every year.’ This sounded like a lot, so we asked Tom Tom to explain the figure. Maybe you live in a modern housing development where new roads and roundabouts have been recently added. However, it is worth taking advantage of your sat nav’s ‘latest map guarantee’.Indeed, the latest satnavs have fought back against the smartphone.Some double as Bluetooth devices, using their built-in microphones and speakers to provide hands-free call technology.

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