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The radio would be a monopoly funded by a license fee and organized as a limited company, AB Radiotjänst ("Radio Service Ltd."), owned by the radio industry and the press.The transmitters were owned by the state through Telegrafverket and the press held a monopoly on newscasts through Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå.Originally, SVT and Sveriges Radio were a joint company, but since 1979 they and Sveriges Utbildningsradio are sister companies sharing some joint services.SVT maintained a monopoly in domestic terrestrial broadcasting from the start in 1956 until the privately held TV4 started broadcasting terrestrially in 1992.It is barred from accepting advertisements except in the case of sponsors for sporting events.

The happy couple also shared that they are already getting a start on wedding planning, and are looking to tie the knot during the summer of 2015.

) in the garden of Drottningholm Palace earlier today.

The 35-year-old told reporters, "I have the incredible honor of being engaged to this fantastic girl.

SVT is still the biggest TV network in Sweden, with an audience share of 36.4 percent.

When radio broadcasting was organized in the 1920s, it was decided to adopt a model similar to the one of the British Broadcasting Company in the United Kingdom.

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