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I just didn't want him to hear what you were saying about Zakappa because I don't want him to be scared. Anyway, Goomer's been getting better and better, and I think he's got a real shot at winning. The series follows a pair of roommates, former i Carly sidekick Sam Puckett and Hollywood Arts High School student Cat Valentine, who take over Cat's grandmother's babysitting service to earn extra cash.Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards: The Complete List of Winners The kids -- and slime -- have spoken.

Well, let's just hang out here for a little while and wait for the kids to settle down before we go [Crash] Ah! I'll be back tomorrow to watch you win the biggest fight of your life. Oh yeah, but I think that family's gonna go sit there. No duh, you can't I thought it would be fun if we babysat all these kids! You can't hide in here forever, you're gonna have to Marco.

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