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She also worries about the effects of technology on literacy.'Learning to read helps children learn to put ideas into logical order,' she says.One mother, it seems, had been unable to persuade her four-year-old to leave their tablet at home.Explaining that he was having 'a tough time', she had allowed her son to take along his i Pad Mini.

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They said they didn't enjoy it as much as 'when we were young' because 'running our own PR campaigns' - as they wittily described the constant need to make their lives sound glamorous and exciting - was exhausting and they often felt miserable when others seemed to be having more fun.Customers have complained that the gadget is ‘too hot to hold’, particularly when playing games, prompting a spokesman for the U. watchdog Consumer Reports to announce it was conducting its own ‘scientific analysis with thermal imaging’.In a separate threat on the Apple website user znz212 wrote: ‘It begins getting warm within about 10 minutes for me, and after about 25 it's quite hot to touch (not hot enough to burn or anything, but hotter than it feels like it should be).It's getting out and about - running, climbing, making dens and so on - that allows little children to gain physical skills.Playing 'let's pretend' is a creative process requiring lots of personal input.

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