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His tongue invades my mouth, and the smoke and his breath make me gag. "You're mine."I startle awake from the nightmare, my face sweating badly. She's worked there for about 4 years, and despite living with her for 10 years (I'm currently 23), I have never met Mr. She brought me to her house, and she has never forgiven herself for leaving me with that man.

Andrea comes running into the room, dressed to go to work. She has tried so hard these 10 years to make it up to me: big birthday parties (which I hate), big gifts (which I also hate), and even allowing me to be home-schooled for high school and college.

I have never held a grudge against my sister, but no matter what I say to her I know she feels guilty.

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"I have got to go, but hopefully we will meet again." Grey eyes nods to his friend, and together they leave.

Grey has a problem he wants solved, he asks Andrea or his bodyguard, whose name I hear is Taylor."Mr. Feel free to explore the building while I get things ready.

It's only us and the security guards here at this time, so don't worry.

His eyes are beautiful, the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

He seems tense, talking in a hushed voice and using his hands to make a point."Anastasia," the lady at the counter calls, my order ready. "Don't worry, I just want to say hi."I breathe out, trying to get myself to relax.

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