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The first edition under the new owners was on 17 June 1856.From its foundation the paper was self-consciously liberal in its politics: "aiming at a wide extension of the rights of free citizenship and a full development of representative institutions," and supporting "the removal of all restrictions upon freedom of commerce, freedom of religion and—to the utmost extent that is compatible with public morality—upon freedom of personal action." Ebenezer Syme was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly shortly after buying The Age, and his brother David Syme soon came to dominate the paper, editorially and managerially.After Syme's death the paper remained in the hands of his three sons, with his eldest son Herbert Syme becoming general manager until his death in 1939.Syme's will prevented the sale of any equity in the paper during his sons' lifetimes, an arrangement designed to protect family control but which had the effect of starving the paper of investment capital for 40 years.The newspaper shares many articles with other Fairfax Media metropolitan daily newspapers, such as The Sydney Morning Herald.As at February 2017, The Age had an average weekday circulation of 88,000, increasing to 152,000 on Saturdays (in a city of 4.2 million).Owned and published by Fairfax Media, The Age primarily serves Victoria but is also available for purchase in Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and border regions of South Australia and southern New South Wales.

Preliminary wording of some of the articles with the most significant changes has been published in September 2011.

These rules were published as the Règles internationales de la Nomenclature botanique adoptées par le Congrès International de Botanique de Vienne 1905 (or in English, International rules of Botanical Nomenclature adopted by the International Botanical Conference of Vienna 1905).

Informally they are referred to as the Vienna Rules (not to be confused with the Vienna Code of 2006).

The management board announced on 18 June 2012, that during the following three years, 1,900 positions were expected to be terminated from Fairfax Media, including many from The Age, that the broadsheet format would be changed to a compact format and that the online version would no longer have free access after the introduction of a paywall to protect content with an expectation of increased revenue.

The Age was founded by three Melbourne businessmen, the brothers John and Henry Cooke, who had arrived from New Zealand in the 1840s, and Walter Powell. The venture was not initially a success, and in June 1856 the Cookes sold the paper to Ebenezer Syme, a Scottish-born businessman, and James Mc Ewan, an ironmonger and founder of Mc Ewans & Co, for 2,000 pounds at auction.

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