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Your life will be here on the farm until Jesus comes,” it reads.During his sermons, Stair occasionally draws attention to specific parishioners, such as Craig Mack, a former rapper with the Bad Boy Records label whose 1994 single “Flava in Ya Ear” earned a Grammy nomination.For more than three decades, people from across the country have flocked to Ralph Gordon Stair's secluded Christian commune near Walterboro to worship and live off the land.Drawn by Stair’s preachings broadcast to radio stations around the world, members of Overcomer Ministry surrender their possessions and often sever contact with people outside the compound as they await the second coming of Christ.Incident reports name at least 13 individuals who have talked to authorities in the Sheriff’s Office investigation.Pamela Brown, who left Overcomer Ministry this summer, said she did so after Stair repeatedly groped her, exposed himself to her and, on one occasion, sexually assaulted her, threatening to evict her from the commune if she didn’t comply.

In a You Tube video from several years ago, he is seen jumping up and down in the tabernacle after he denounces “wickedness” and rap, telling Stair he now practices “righteousness.”More recently, Stair seemed to address the allegations against him in a video of a sermon uploaded to his ministry’s You Tube page in October.“You know the last time that I went through this, they accused me back then of molesting ...” he told his followers during a service. “So when I give her a hug, I told her last night, I said, ‘If they ask you if I hug you, what're you gonna say? On an afternoon in late November, the exterior of the unassuming property was quiet, save for the traffic that barreled past on the other side of a wire fence.

File/Staff Stair’s life at Overcomer revolves around a radio operation he runs on the commune, which broadcasts to AM, FM, satellite and shortwave stations around the world, according to the ministry's website.

At any hour of the day, listeners can call a phone number to hear Stair’s preachings.

He did not respond to two follow-up voicemail messages, an email and a certified letter seeking comment prior to his arrest.

In late November, a man approached by reporters while exiting the compound that’s surrounded by “no trespassing” signs said Stair “isn’t doing any type of interviews.”Colleton County investigators launched their probe in early October after officials were notified of videos published on You Tube.

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