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The various forms of Malay are spoken in Brunei, Indonesia (where the national language, Indonesian, is a variety of it), Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and southern Thailand The history shows that the elements of Malays architecture come out and standing strongly on life philosophy which is based on the strength of belief and the religion.

Even though there are some sign of assimilation influence of foreign culture to outside esthetical but it still intact and strong until late of 18 century.

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Waktu itu aku sedang menuntut di tingkatan enam sebuah sekolah menengah di bandar tempat tinggalku.

Perkenalanku dengan seorang pelajar perempuan dari sekolah menengah Convent ( sekolah perempuan) mengubah segalanya.

Bermula dengan perkenalan biasa kami mula menjadi kawan yang rapat dalam masa beberapa bulan sahaja.

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