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This should be highlighting the question as to why you are’t sharing this with your own partner.11) Arranging to meet in a different scenario: A friendship normally starts in a particular social setting, e.g. So it’s a sign that there is a change in the air if you arrange to meet elsewhere for example coffee outside of work or lunch without your partners.For example, if you are in touch with them more than your own partner, then that’s definitely not a good sign.6) Degree of innuendo: It’s often considered quite normal for their to be innuendo within the office or social situations, and peer pressure can mean that people ignore what may be crossing the line, so I refer you back to the ‘shoe on the other foot’ rule!

The question I got was: ‘I keep having friendships with women that seem to cross some kind of invisible line that my wife can see, but I don’t see.

Other people will shout at me ‘but you should be able to trust your man’; again I point you to reality and the fact that trust can very easily turn into taking for granted; So here is my answer, feel free to add any more tips you might have from your own experiences.

On their own, none of them are obvious signs, but they are all potential markers of a friendship that could change in nature and if many of the points are true, then it’s much more worrisome …

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